About Us


How we got our start!

Our salves are what started it all! Originally made for friends, and family who had skin issues, and concerns; it became a huge success. The results were amazing, and suddenly there became a large demand for the product.  We began to build a business on it.  Soaks, balms, and soy candles followed. All of our products are handmade in small batches, from high quality, natural ingredients.  No filler, junk, or impossible to pronounce chemicals.  Use our products, and you will see, and feel the the difference!  

Soaks and Salves

Soaks, Salves, Solid Lotion Bars, & Balms

Our soaks are a blend of Dead Sea Salt, Epsom Salt, and pure essential oils.  

About to drop some science...Fun fact: did you know that Epsom salt is actually not a salt but a mineral compound of magnesium sulfate? Magnesium plays several important roles in the body, from helping with nerve and muscle function, to reducing inflammation.  The Dead Sea Salt used in our blend contains 10x more minerals than ordinary sea salt, and it has been shown to assist with relieving a number of different issues such as acne, eczema, cellulite, and arthritic disorders.  It is also detoxifying, and improves circulation. If you ever want to have a productive wormhole into the interwebs we highly suggest looking up the benefits of Epsom and Dead Sea salt. Or as we like to say, get woke and then soak.

Our salves, solid lotion bars, and balms are handmade in small batches with all natural ingredients.  

Their base is extra virgin olive oil that we infuse with organic herbs known for their soothing, and hydrating properties. Extra Virgin Olive oil contains antioxidants, is deeply moisturizing, and will not clog pores.  If olive oil was good enough for Cleopatra's beauty routine, then roll with it! That is some OG stuff right there!  They are simply amazing, and we take a lot of time, and care making them, to deliver you the best product possible. 


Soy Candles

Our unique soy candles are hand poured into recycled glassware. 

We have spent a lot of time in thrift stores, and have always had an obsession, and love for glassware.  There were so many glasses that had been separated from their original set, and needed a new home. Glass outcasts that were sitting there, lonely, cold, and empty inside!  Then it dawned on us, why not make candles in those lonely vessels, and give them new homes, where they can be all warm inside, and be loved again?!  

Soy wax burns longer, and cleaner than paraffin candles, is eco friendly, renewable, and gives off a better scent. All of our candles are phthalate free. What's not to love?!

Once you are done with one of our candles the soy wax easily cleans from the glass with warm water and soap.  To remove the wick, pour a small amount of rubbing alcohol into the bottom of the glass, and let it sit for a few minutes. We recommend using a spoon to gently lift up the metal base of the wick.  Be careful! Now you are left with a rad glass that is ready to party with the rest of your glassware. Cheers!


Stay Tuned For New Products!

We frequently add fun new items to our lineup, so you will want to visit us on the reg to see what is going on in Soak & Soy Land. It's a real place, and it is awesome! Trust us!

  • We are here to have fun,and provide you with all natural bath products you can feel great about using!